Zeb Octave with Dolby Audio: Best Zebronics Tower Speakers 2022


Zebronics Zeb Octave with Dolby Audio or, the ‘Tabahi’ as Vineet Malhotra has labeled it, are the best tower speakers you’ve been looking for.
What do you want in a speaker? You name it, Tabahi has it. It has the best soothing lower Bass and the most dynamic high bass. Incredibly crisp and clear mids. And the most precise and crystal highs. This is a Love at First Beat story. Zeb-Octave twins are so good that I fell in love with them, Mr. Vineet Malhotra fell in love with them, and you will too once you experience the power and magic of these Zebronics Tower Speakers.

The sub-bass of these speakers is so chill, that you will feel standing under snowfall. Mistletoe alert! And the upper bass is so extremely powerful that I ought to say Extremely powerful twice. The presence of Midrange frequencies is so clear that you can pick out every single instrument and voice note from the track. The treble or high frequencies from these speakers will actually unburden your ears and feels comfortable.

Feel the true Dolby audio with these speakers. And bring out the best of all genres. These speakers reproduce the entire range of audible frequencies so beautifully that it feels unreal. In this Zeb Octave review, you’ll learn everything about the Zeb Octave with Dolby Audio.

Specifications and Features: Zeb Octave with Dolby Audio

1. Design:

The stunningly beautiful pair of Tabahi speakers stands 1030 mm tall, 180 mm wide, and 300 mm in length. Each pair has a beautiful dome tweeter at the top. Two midrange drivers are sprayed in elegant gold color, in the middle of the front face of the unit. And an air outlet at the bottom of the speaker.

The speaker has a black polished shiny front, which looks very nice. The detailing with gold color here and there highlights the royal attitude of these speakers. And a beautiful badging of Dolby Audio just above the air outlet.

There are touch capacitive buttons on the main speaker. You’ll find volume buttons, a power button, and an Input switch button, right below the dome tweeter. The buttons are outlined in gold color, which adds to the charm of these Tabahi speakers. Zebronics has really created a champion for themselves and the best Bluetooth speaker under 25000.

2. Dimensions x Weight:

There is a subwoofer of 20.32 cm diameter on the side of each speaker unit. Two midrange drivers of 13.3 cm diameter are to be found on both speaker units. And two tweeter drivers on the speaker units have a diameter of 2.54 cm.

The dimensions of the speaker unit are 180 ร— 300 ร— 1030 mm. And the net weight of these speakers is 14 KG.

zebronics tower speakers
Subwoofer diameter20.32 cm
Midrange driver diameter13.3 cm
tweeter diameter2.54 cm
Width180 mm
Depth300 mm
Height1030 mm
Net Weight14 Kg

3. Connectivity:

Thinking about the connectivity options? Don’t worry, you’ve got a bucketful of them. There’s a whole cluster of connectivity options at the back of these speakers. So all you need is either Bluetooth or the right connecting cable in other cases to make a connection.
Firstly, you’ve got Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connectivity. And for the wired connections, you have USB, AUX, HDMI, Optical, and Coaxial ports. Basically, you can connect these Zebronics Tower Speakers with almost everything. Play games, watch movies, and listen to music easily and comfortably, all with these twins.

I have made a table below containing all the important information about the connectivity options.

Optical InputYES
Maximum supported USB memory size32 GB


Don’t just watch a movie, live it.

This Tabahi speaker will teleport you into the movie itself. Just pair a good screen with these speakers and beat the cinema experience.

Erase the line between Games and Real Life. You say games, I say Tabahi.

To be honest, these Zebronics speakers won’t make your gaming character immortal. Only a hacker can do that. But, they will definitely endow your gaming experience with immortality. Forget the difference between real life and a game. Jump into the screen and play it yourself. Don’t trust me? Try these Tabahi speakers and test them yourself.
Every gunshot, each grenade, and the cool background music of any great game sounds so authentic, that you forget it’s not real.

Below, I have explained the audio experience of these speakers. And trust me, it is mind-boggling at the highs, and soul-soothing at the lows. This is the pair of speakers which can make your place a party house, a cinema, a game station, and every great audio experience that you can think of.

zeb octave with dolby audio

1. Bass:

With the sub-bass, you can feel the shivers flowing through your floor up to your skin. The lower bass will surely give you goosebumps. On the other hand, the higher bass will show you how strong your walls are. These speakers have got THE BASS you’ve been dreaming about all these years. The bass hits you right in your chest.
The only feeling that these Tabahi speakers can’t give you is a disappointment.

It has the explosive punch effect at its higher bass. When you’re listening to EDM, watching a thriller movie, or playing an action game, you’re bound to feel the bass in your chest. And its lower bass is so chill, it’ll send shivers down your spine. This Tabahi speaker precisely defines the meaning of true bass.

It can easily soothe your tired body and brain within a few seconds using its sub-bass. And it can make you dance in the next few seconds of strong bass.

2. Mid-Range:

Now make your living room a recording studio. Well, of course not really. But the speakers will let you feel the same way with their midrange frequency power. Listen to all the vocals from a soundtrack, crisp and clear as if the singer is singing right in front of you.

The mid-range frequencies coming out of these speakers are crystal clear. You can literally differentiate between the voices of different instruments. Flow with the curve of a vocal’s ever-changing pitch.

In any song, vocals matter the most. The beautiful lyrics in a beautiful voice are the soul of any song. If you’re not listening to the vocals clearly, the purpose of both the speaker and the song has failed. Don’t even miss a whisper next time. Bring home the Zeb Octave with Dolby Audio and immerse in the world of beautiful music and lyrics.

3. Highs:

Treble or the higher frequencies of the music will sound extremely clear. Unlike other average speakers where the treble at higher volume will definitely irritate you, Tabahi will not. In many other high-end speakers, where the treble gives you a stinging sensation inside your ears, here you will not feel it.
The higher frequencies of this speaker will not hurt your ears. Moreover, it will kind of give you a very pleasant feeling.

So, comfortably listen to the high note-producing instruments like flute and saxophone. And forget about voice cracking or crashing. Because you will get a satisfying response from these speakers.

4. The Karaoke Champ:

These Zebronics Tower Speakers come with two wireless microphones inside the box. So if you are a karaoke lover or anyone else from your family and friends is, then you have another melodious reason to like these speakers.

Connect the mics with speakers, and let the fun begin. Now every evening will be a musical evening. Every gathering will be a jamming session. And every party will be no less than a concert. Sing your favorite songs until your heart is full. And let everybody sway to your rhythm easily. Because the Zeb Octave with Dolby Audio will always have your back.

Ending Note:

In a nutshell, these Tabahi speakers were made to enhance your audio experience. Any tune coming out of these Zebronics speakers will certainly sound more lifelike and real. Every genre will feel better with these speakers by your side. From its design to its audio performance, everything about these Zebronics Tower speakers is top-notch. There are a lot of reasons why Vineet Malhotra, who is a hard man to impress, loved these speakers.

To think twice before buying these speakers would be cruel to your heart. They are an amazing pair of speakers. And it’s not long before you start hearing praises about these speakers in the market. Tabahi is here to actually bring Tabahi to the market. Zeb Octave with Dolby audio is indeed the best Bluetooth speaker under 25000.

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2 thoughts on “Zeb Octave with Dolby Audio: Best Zebronics Tower Speakers 2022

  1. I appreciate your expert reviews.
    I am really impressed by Zeb Octave.
    Only one doubt – about it’s amplifier and speaker quality – will they perform consistently for years ?
    Hope you will highlight about the same in your YouTube video reviews.
    Best wishes Sir ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’

  2. I appreciate your expert reviews.
    I am really impressed by Zeb Octave.
    Only one doubt – about its amplifier and speaker quality – will they perform consistently for years ?
    Hope you will highlight about the same in your YouTube video reviews.
    Best wishes Sir ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’

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