Yamaha YAS 209 Soundbar- The best Soundbar in India 2022


Yamaha YAS 209 soundbar is not a recently launched soundbar. In fact, it was launched in 2019 as a feature-packed soundbar at an affordable price. Soon it became quite famous as it is one of those soundbars that have both imaging and depth. But what exactly are imaging and depth? Scroll down to find your answers!

“We bought it at full price as we loved its depth, imaging and clarity of the sound it produced. Yamaha YAS 209 soundbar is the best among soundbars costlier than this.”


Yamaha YAS 209 soundbar comes in a clean and minimalistic design. On the front is a mesh fabric and on top is LED control and touch capacitive buttons. The two holes given along the branding are microphones. It comes with built-in Alexa. Yamaha YAS 209 soundbar can be connected to the internet and it has a LAN port too. You also get HDMI ARC, HDMI IN, Optical IN port, and Bluetooth support in Yamaha YAS 209 soundbar.

The subwoofer of this best soundbar under 30000 carries the same looks. The Yamaha logo on the front gives Yamaha YAS 209 soundbar a premium look. It is an Active Wireless subwoofer that can be placed anywhere in your room. The soundbar is kept below the TV and hence the subwoofer should be placed on the ground.

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yamaha Yas 209 Review

Specifications of Yamaha YAS 209 Soundbar:

The best soundbar with subwoofer under 30000- Yamaha YAS 209 soundbar comes with 4 speakers; 2 Tweeters and 1 Wireless Subwoofer. It has 4×2 Inches 8Ω cone speakers; 2×1 Inch dome tweeters; 6 Inches 8Ω Subwoofer. Its SNR is 28dB.

Speaker details4 Speakers,
2 Tweeters,
1 Wireless Subwoofer
Total output100W Soundbar,
100W Subwoofer,
Total 200W
Size of Speakers2 Inches 8Ω Cone Speakers,
1 Inch Dome Tweeters,
6 Inches 8Ω Subwoofer,
SNR 28dB
3D Surround,
Clear Voice,
Bass Extension
Audio and video formatDTS Digital Surround4K Pass Through @60 FPSHDR10 and HLG playback
Dimensions and weight37 Inch Soundbar (2.7 Kg),
16.2 Inch Subwoofer (7.9 Kg)
ConnectivityHDMI ARC,
Optical Input,
Single Band Wi-Fi,
Bluetooth 4.2,
Spotify Support
Price₹ 32,000
yamaha yas 209 soundbar

The output of the soundbar and that of the subwoofer is 100W each. The total output of the best soundbar in India 2022 is 200W. You can connect Yamaha YAS 209 soundbar with the Yamaha app to connect to single-band Wifi and Spotify. You may use Alexa to play music.

Audio and Video Format:

Yamaha YAS 209 soundbar supports DTS Digital sound, 4K passthrough, HDR10, and HLG playback. HDR10 and HLG playback mean you get HDR10 passthrough in HDR10 content via Firestick. This simply translates to awesome clarity. You don’t get such features even in soundbars costlier than this.

Result of Audio Test-1: Clarity

In one word- it is awesome. After burn-in, its sound is absolutely clear. Its 3D mode produces a virtual surround effect where you experience sound coming from different directions. This virtual or digital surround effect is magical. The clear voice feature produces more mid response i.e vocals become sharper. Such kind of audio touches your heart. There is no shortage of bass. Yamaha is not made for people who love listening to ‘boom-boom’ bass i.e too much bass.

The bass extension feature can enhance the quality of bass but it can’t produce bass like budget soundbars that produce extra bass. A music composer puts a certain level of bass and if you get more than that from a soundbar, then it is artificial music that you listen to. If you want absolute clarity and original audio, then Yamaha is the right answer. However, it is not disappointing in the bass.

Result of Audio Test-2: Bass

In this audio test, there was clarity even in the bass. We recommend you not use clear voice and bass extensions simultaneously. Use only one of these features at a time. For instance, if you are using clear then avoid bass extension and vice-versa. The bass extension feature produces bass from the subwoofer and drivers. More bass is the enhanced bass and not the artificial bass. You will be able to enjoy movies and music both.

Result of Audio Test-3: After Attaching it to the TV

While making Yamaha YAS 209 review, we also connected it to the TV to check its performance. We played the content with the use of Firestick and we got HDR10 passthrough easily. Yamaha YAS 209’s performance after attaching it to the TV was awesome. The sound was clear.

What are imaging and depth?

In a video, if the bullets are shot from a place ahead of the actor, then sound should also come from that particular. But what you get is a common sound. Yamaha YAS 209 soundbar, on the other hand, produces the sound from where it is actually produced and this is what the cinematic experience is. This is called depth and imaging and this soundbar outperforms in this segment.

Remote Control and App Connectivity:

best soundbar under 30000

You get a full-functional remote control of good quality. There are no issues with the remote control. You get direct buttons for clear sound, 3D sound, and bass extension. All these controls are given in the app too.

Pros & Cons:


  • Yamaha YAS 209 soundbar produces the clearest Vocals.
  •  You can turn on the Night Mode/Clear Voice to improve the clarity of dialogues
  • It gives you good balanced Sound, the actual bass; Wi-Fi connectivity; and HDR passthrough.
  • It gives absolutely clear audio and absolute bass.
  • Yamaha YAS 209 soundbar produces good separation and depth (sound will come from appropriate distance and direction. Yamaha YAS 209 soundbar produces the clearest audio.
  • Use 3D sound to get an unmatched virtual surround effect.
  • The biggest pro is that it comes with depth and imaging.
  • 4K passthrough, HDR10, and HLG playback in these features are features you get only in premium soundbars.


  • There is no display in the entire soundbar. You don’t know from a distance what option have you selected. You can only know through LEDs whether the command is processed or not.

A Short Comparison:

As compared to Yamaha YAS 209 soundbar, Denon 316 is a good soundbar but has less output (100W). It is clear and has depth, and everything else but we still prefer the Yamaha YAS 209 soundbar. The 200W output will fill your room with audio.

Polk Magnifi Mini is good for bass lovers as it produces more audio. But you should prefer clear audio over loud audio. That is why Yamaha is again a winner.

Watch Yamaha YAS 209 Review Video –

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  2. I heard that there is no service centre is available for this Yamaha sound bars. How the get service centre’s list for Yamaha speakers

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