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VU has recently launched its masterpiece to beat other TV models. Yes! You are right. We are talking about VU Masterpiece Glo TV. Many reviewers have compared VU Masterpiece Glo with Samsung Frame and Sony TVs. According to their VU Masterpiece Glo Review, VU Masterpiece Glo is better among them all. But is that correct? Find it out yourself in this article of VU Masterpiece Glo Review.

“We compared both Toshiba TV and VU Masterpiece Glo TV to draw similarities between these two TVs. They have many common things.”

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Looks- VU Masterpiece Glo Qled Review

VU Masterpiece Glo is made of a metal body just like Toshiba TV. We verified this with the magnet test. In the body, the cover is mostly of plastic. VU Masterpiece Glo has thin bezels, metal stands for table mount, and a wall mount in the box. There are 4 HDMI, 2 USB, and all other connectivity options on one side. 2 HDMI ports support 4K @120Hz. One port out of them is the HDMI eARC port for gamers as they get ALLM support and VRR at 120Hz.

best qled 55 inch tv- vu masterpiece glo

Panel and brightness- VU Masterpiece Glo Review

VU Masterpiece Glo comes with a fantastic IPS QLED panel. It is 8 bit FRC panel that gives 10-bit depth. It is a 10-bit panel.

Its peak HDR brightness is 620 nits. We tested brightness by keeping the backlight 100% and picture mode on dynamic. Now its peak HDR brightness is 629 nits. Peak brightness means the maximum brightness of a TV. Toshiba’s peak brightness is 580 nits.

Video Formats- VU Masterpiece Glo Review

VU Masterpiece Glo supports HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and HLG. We tested Dolby Vision on Netflix, showing sharper images with profound detailing and appropriate brightness. If a TV shows good HDR (High Dynamic Range), then it is good and this TV shows amazing HDR performance. Amazon Prime is the best to test HDR10 performance and we were happy with the results as the colors were good and the details were sharp. Its HDR10+ performance was amazing. There were no issues with its HDR10+ performance.

Half of India watches SD and HD channels. We were highly disappointed with upscaling of SD channels. Despite AI upscaling, its upscaling of SD channels was not good. We were not happy with HD performance too. We played SD and HD channels with SD set-top box and the picture quality was not that good in HD channels.

OS- VU Masterpiece Glo Review

It comes with Android 10 out of the box, 3 GB RAM, 16 GB storage, and 7 GB usable storage. Android OS has the same tiles with almost all apps pre-downloaded. Other apps can be downloaded from Playstore. It has Chromecast support but not Apple Airplay support. Apple apps can’t be cast even with in-built casting apps. However, they can be cast with a third-party app.

vu masterpiece glo qled review

Local Dimming Panel- VU Masterpiece Glo Review

VU Masterpiece Glo comes with a full array of local dimming panels. We calculated dimming zones and they were 32. The first zone in horizontal zones is also calculated. As per the company, there are 32 zones. VU masterpiece Glo comes with a 120 Hz panel and is a delight for gamers due to ALLM, VRR @120HZ, and AMD Freesync. With 2 HDMI ports at 120Hz, it is the best gaming TV in this range.

The brand claims a 7 ms response time. Gaming is fine but how will you control motion blur? Just apply the settings shown in our VU Masterpiece Glo Review video while playing a movie and there will be no motion blur. Without these settings, there will be a lot of motion blur. Apply these settings to control motion blur. This is the best thing for people who complain about motion blur.

Picture Quality- VU Masterpiece Glo Review

We think the colors are fantastic. They are slightly over-saturated (red) but that is not bad. Such an amount of brightness provides vividness and richness in colors. You will like this TV as it is bright and gives punchy colors. The colors are good but not black. VU claims a 1,00,000:1 contrast ratio and we were truly unable to digest it. Blacks are okay as it is an IPS panel.

But this TV doesn’t give that good contrast. We compared its blacks with Toshiba TV’s blacks. VU’s black is slightly better but they are not the best. We did a blooming test too. VU’s blooming as compared to Toshiba is somewhat more. VU has better brightness but certainly not more dimming zones. This 120Hz panel has lesser dimming zones. Due to this brightness is not evenly spread and hence Blooming exists.

But this is not a big thing as you don’t check blooming daily. You watch regular content and blooming in natural content is not that visible on any TV be it VU or Toshiba. You can go for it if you want to watch regular content. It has blooming issues in all full-array panel TVs with low dimming zones.

Upscaling of content via USB was disappointing despite the 120Hz panel. In the upscaling of 720p content played via a 1TB hard drive, we saw pixilation. The same was seen in 1080p content with slightly reduced pixilation. The aspect ratio can’t be changed. We played a 4K video and we were speechless after that.

Performance- VU Masterpiece Glo Qled Review

VU Masterpiece Glo TV plays 4K video via USB fantastically and we will rate its upscaling as 6.5/10. Its viewing angles are amazing as it is an IPS panel. There is only 10%-15% color and brightness loss even at extreme sides and that is the best thing. All IPS panels give such amazing viewing angles. There is no bug in the Youtube app as it comes with Android 10 OS. Android 11 has a temporary bug which will be resolved by an OTA update by Google. But this is not an issue with Android 10.

In the 4K video, you get the same color profile as in any other resolution.  We checked grey uniformity too and it is okay. It has uniform greys in 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100% but they are not as uniform as competitor TVs. We will rate it 7/10. We also saw vignettes i.e slight blacks on the edges. It is common in all TVs. Its grey uniformity is not very impressive but that is fine.

Audio Quality- VU Masterpiece Glo Review

We liked its audio quality. VU Masterpiece Glo has better audio quality than Toshiba. Their subwoofer, built quality, back, and speaker are the same but Toshiba has 2 whereas VU has 4 speakers. This is the only difference. Hence more audio from VU. You don’t need a soundbar for mid to big rooms unless you want a cinematic experience. It is perfect in terms of audio quality.

best tv for gaming 2022- vu masterpiece
VU Masterpiece Glo Qled vs Toshiba Qled

Cost- VU Masterpiece Glo Review

It costs Rs73,000. Right now Toshiba QLED costs Rs 53,000. We are comparing them as VU has 620 nits-630 nits whereas Toshiba has 580 nits peak brightness. They are equally good.

Difference- VU Masterpiece Glo Qled Review

VU Masterpiece Glo is good for gamers. Otherwise, non-gamers can buy Toshiba TV and save Rs 20,000. 40-80 nits difference in peak brightness doesn’t affect HDR performance.

Who should buy it?

VU Masterpiece Glo is not the right TV for SD and HD channels and for 720p content via USB. But for gaming, it is the best in this price range. You should compare it with other TVs in the same price range. Toshiba is best under Rs 50,000. If you are confused between this and any other Sony model, then Sony is far better in almost all aspects.





 1. Toshiba QLED

toshiba QLED TV

₹ 46,990

₹ 76,990

 2. Hisense U6G QLED

Hisense U6G QLED TV

₹ 43,990

₹ 79,950

3. Hisense A6H

Hisense A6H TV

₹ 38,990

Not Available

4. LG UQ7500

LG UQ7500 TV

₹ 47,990

₹ 79,000

5. LG UQ8020

LG UQ8020 TV

₹ 51,490

₹ 84,990



















1. How are the looks of Masterpiece Glo?

VU Masterpiece Glo is made of a metal body just like Toshiba TV. We verified this with the magnet test. In the body, the cover is mostly of plastic. VU Masterpiece Glo has thin bezels, metal stands for table mount, and a wall mount in the box.

2. Which OS do you get on this TV?

It comes with Android 10 out of the box, 3 GB RAM, 16 GB storage, and 7 GB usable storage.

3. How much does it cost?

It costs Rs73,000.

4. How many dimming zones does it have?

We calculated dimming zones and they were 32.


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