Top 5 induction cooktops in India 2021


Best induction cooktop under 2000-5000 | Best induction cooktop in India 2021 | Top 5 induction cooktops in India 2021

Right now an LPG cylinder costs ₹900. We all want to save money and the only way to save the LPG money is by buying an Induction. The poor built quality is the biggest drawback of an Induction but is there a way you can get rid of it? Let’s read this article to find out the answers to all such questions.

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COMMON QUESTIONS – Points to keep in mind Before Purchasing inductions

1. How does it work?
An induction cooktop has no electrical heating element; it heats a cooking vessel by magnetic induction. Because inductive heating directly heats the vessel, it can rapidly increase temperature.

2. The material the Induction Tops are made of-
Budget Inductions are generally made up of ceramic plates or tempered glass tops, which may get cracked sooner than expected with the sudden onset of heat. An induction with well-built quality is always preferable.

3. Power & Noise
An Induction Cooktop will always have variable power modes for different dishes/needs. A 2000W Induction will not always work at maximum capacity. The power usually varies between 150W-2000W. The Noise level ranges between 50-70 dB.

4. Control over the overflow of liquids-
Never let overflowed liquid or food spill onto the Induction; it’s the primary cause of failures in these cooktops. Liquid seeps in through the joint of the glass and control panel and damages the PCB inside. Keeping Induction absolutely clean will ensure a longer lifespan.

5. Usage –
Keep the vents clean and give adequate space around your Induction for proper air ventilation. This ensures much-needed cooling of the Induction’s internal parts.

6. The kind of utensils one should use on an Induction-
All utensils made of Iron or Steel can be used in Induction. Glass and Plastic won’t work. Keep the induction away from children.

7. Do people receive broken units?
Many users report receiving broken units of Induction. It is because of poor shipping, which is because you choose the wrong seller. Choose the right seller while buying.

8. Is it worth buying an induction?
Yes, it saves around 25% against normal LPG cooking.
Top 5 induction cooktops in India 2021

Cons of the Top 5 induction cooktops in India 2021 Induction Cooktop-

There are mostly two cons- First, receiving a broken Cooktop due to poor shipping. Second, the induction got damaged due to an overflow of liquid. Clean the Cooktop immediately if any liquid flows on it; otherwise, it will definitely get damaged.

Philips viva collection HD4938/01 induction cooktop | Philips viva induction cooktop

Philips Cooktop is one of the Top 5 induction cooktops in India 2021, which comes with 2100W peak power. It has glass Cooktop material but not micro crystal glass Cooktop material. It has no tactile buttons. It comes with touch control and an auto-switch-off option which is a good feature. It has ten preset menus with a 24-hour preset timer. It is RoHS-compliant and certified, which is a good thing. It is an environmentally friendly Cooktop.  Its touch surface is cool. It weighs 3 kg.

It has a one-year comprehensive warranty. Right now, it costs 4,250. It is a little expensive, but it has fantastic features. It has a good design and a cool touch surface, which is the best thing. Usually, when we keep a pan on induction, the surrounding surface gets heated, due to which many inductions get more prone to damage, and the sparking is also visible. But a different kind of technology has been used in it, which prevents it from sparking.

FeaturesGlass cooktop material, Touch start, Auto switch off, ten preset menus, 24-hour preset timer, RoHS compliant certified; Cool Touch Surface
Weight3.06 Kg
WarrantyOne year on product
Price₹ 4250
Philips viva induction cooktop
  1. Good product with many features
  2. Cool touch surface

Philips viva collection HD4928/01 induction cooktop | Philips viva induction cooktop

Number 2 in our list of Top 5 induction cooktops in India 2021 is Philips viva with 2100W peak power. It has a microcrystal glass cooktop. You don’t get touch start cooktop as advertised by Philips. The response of its tactile buttons is good. It has Auto Shut off and Present Timer features which are very good. The time can be pre-set according to the dish, and the induction will stop after the pre-set time ends.

It comes with customized Indian menu options, which are good. It weighs 2.8 KG. Philips gives a 1-year comprehensive warranty on it. Right now, it costs ₹2,800, which is a good indication of a cooktop. It will work for a longer time due to its good built quality and good features.

FeaturesMirco crystal Glass cooktop, No Touch start, instead of Tactile Buttons; Auto switch off, Preset timer, Customized Indian Menus.
Weight2.8 Kg
WarrantyOne year on product
Price₹ 2850
Philips viva induction cooktop


  1. Very good Induction and can last long
  2. Build quality is good

Bajaj induction cooker 1900W | Bajaj majesty ICX7 induction cooker | Best induction cooktop in India 2021

Bajaj majesty icx 7 comes with 1900W peak power. It is made of glass cooktop material. It has a push-button start and tactile buttons with an auto shut-off option. It comes with a delayed start which is the best thing in any indicator. You will get free stainless steel Kadai with a Bajaj Majesty induction cooktop. There are eight preset menus on it. It weighs 3.7kg and has fantastic built quality. It has a one-year comprehensive warranty. Right now, it costs ₹2,600 with all features.

FeaturesGlass cooktop material, Push button start, Tactile switches; Auto shut off, Delay start;  8 preset menus; Stainless Steel Kadai Free
Weight3.72 Kg
WarrantyOne year on product
Price₹ 2600


  1. Fast heat up
  2. Free Kadai
  3. Overall a Good Induction

V-guard induction stove VICO7 | V-guard induction cooker | Best induction cooktop in India 2021

V Gaurd induction cooktop comes with 1600W  peak power. It has a polypropylene (pp) cooktop and tactile push-button start with an auto switch-off option. It has six preset menus with eight power modes. It has a pause and resume function, which is a very good thing. It weighs 2.5 kg. V-Guard provides a one-year product warranty. At present, it costs ₹2,300.  

FeaturesPolypropylene (PP) cooktop material, Push button start, Auto switch off, Preset menus, eight power modes; Pause & Resume function
Weight2.5 Kg
WarrantyOne year on product
Price₹ 2300


  1. Works good
  2. Fast heat up
  3. Pause & Resume function

Usha induction cooktop 1600W | Usha induction cooktop 3616 1600-watt | Best induction cooktop under 2000

On Number 5 in our list of best Induction Cooktops, 2021 is Usha Cook Joy Cooktop with 1600W peak power. It comes with Glass Cooktop material and a push-button start. Its best feature is ‘Voltage fluctuation control up to 1500W’. Voltage fluctuation could control given till up to 1500W, which is good. It has an auto switch-off option. The induction will automatically switch off if no utensil is on it.

It has five preset menus and Pan Sensor technology (induction will sense the utensil and turn it on automatically). It includes safety features like Over Heat Protection and the 10 Amp Plug on induction wire. It weighs 2.75 KG. It has a 1-year comprehensive warranty.

FeaturesGlass cooktop material, Push button start, Voltage Fluctuation control up to 1500W; Auto switch off, five preset menus, Pan sensor technology, Overheat protection; 10 Amp Plug for safety
Weight2.75 Kg
WarrantyOne year on product
Price₹ 2000


  1. Fast heat up
  2.  Includes Pause & Resume function



















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