Sony vs Samsung vs Zeb-Choose best 5.1 Home Theater


Sony vs Samsung vs Zebronics: The most popular surround sound system format is 5.1. The center channel with two speakers at the front and two speakers at the ear level in the back make up the number five. The number one represents the single subwoofer that produces loud, rumbling bass sounds.

With three additional speakers or channels than a 2.1 soundbar, a 5.1 soundbar system will produce a considerably fuller audio experience. Typically, this consists of a separate subwoofer, surround right, surround left, front left, front right, and front center.

Typically, the soundbar has two independent surround speakers and three front speakers or channels. Five channels may, however, occasionally be included in the soundbar.

  • A 5.1 soundbar system gives depth and a clear sense of left and right.
  • That depth completely immerses you in your entertainment experience in a manner that a few front speakers simply cannot.
  • You’ll believe that the explosion from the action film actually took place beneath the couch. Video game foes can be located by listening to their precise footsteps.

So what’s the wait? Let’s find out the best 5.1 soundbars in India.

SoundbarsBuy Link 1Buy link 2
Zebronics Jukebar 9750 Proamazon logo 2022
Samsung B67E//XLamazon logo 2022flipkart logo 2022
Sony HT-S40Ramazon logo 2022flipkart logo 2022
best 5.1 home theater system in india 2023

How we test:

In this comparison, we have compared Zebronics 9750, Samsung B670XL/B67EXL, and Sony S40R. This Sony vs Samsung vs Zeb is a unique comparison. We buy the soundbars and then do the burn-in. The links to audio files will be given to you at the end. Do download and listen to them. We uploaded all audio recordings on the drive for your convenience. We use 4 mics for 5.1 soundbars. Then we merge their audio to show you the surround sound effect.

Which is better, 5.1 or 2.1?

We should never compare a 5.1 soundbar to a 2.1 soundbar. 5.1 soundbar gives a virtual surround effect, but a 2.1 soundbar can’t do it. No matter how hard you try or what you do, you cannot achieve a good virtual surround effect from a 2.1 soundbar.

Sony vs Samsung vs Zeb

Zebronics 9750Samsung 5.1 soundbarSony S40R
Sony vs Samsung vs Zeb

But does this make any difference?

Not exactly. Do not concentrate on peak power. Rather, analyze your needs and think about whether you need a 5.1 soundbar or not. Choose a soundbar as per your audio signature.

Audio Formats:

Zebronics 9750Samsung 5.1 soundbarSony S40R
Dolby Atmos decodingDolby audio, Dolby Digital, and DTS virtual XDolby Digital and Dolby dual mono
best dolby atmos soundbar in India

These audio formats are nothing in front of clarity.

Result of Audio Test 1 – Music

Sony vs Samsung vs Zeberonics

Zebronics 9750:

  • Zebronics’ depth, surround sound effects, and Dolby atmos feel are unmatchable. Even more expensive soundbars than Zebronics 9750 can’t beat it as its upward-firing speakers are placed in a slant position. Due to this, the sound hits the ceiling and retreats to give a surround effect.
  • Its drivers are forward firing. When you keep surrounding channels on ear level, the experience becomes altogether magical. You get a true virtual surround sound effect.
Zebronics 9750 Soundbar
Zebronics 9750 Soundbar

Samsung B67E – 5.1 Soundbar:

Samsung B670 or B67E are same. They are available on different platforms with different names. Otherwise, they are the same.

Samsung solely owns JBL, Harman, and AKG.

  • The sound from Samsung 5.1 soundbar is much clearer than we expected. You can truly feel every single beat and thump of the audio. Every nuance of the audio is clearly audible.
  • There is no lack of bass, clarity, or mids. Samsung 5.1 soundbar’s delivery of high notes is unbeatable. We absolutely loved how melodiously Samsung 5.1 soundbar is tuned.
Samsung B67E - 5.1 soundbar
Samsung B67E – 5.1 Soundbar

Sony S40R:

  • Sony S40R is the best 5.1 soundbar for bass lovers. This small soundbar is fantastic. You hear the ultimate bass. But you only hear the bass. You don’t feel it as it is upper bass.
  • Sony’s audience includes people who love upper bass. But, vocals become heavy with upper bass.
  • You don’t get much clarity, as Sony stresses more on bass at the cost of clarity.
  • Absolute bass and perfect clarity are two things that can never fit together. Either you get excessive upper bass or limited but good lower bass and clarity. Sony chooses more upper bass and lowers clarity. As a result, you’ll not hear some notes if you compare them with Samsung and Zebronics.
Sony S40R Soundbar
Sony S40R Soundbar

How to get surround sound, depth, and separation?

Everyone wants a cinematic experience at home. A 250 sqft room with minimum 15 ft width is a mandatory setting to create a sound stage for a 5.1 soundbar. The soundstage of all three soundbars is different.

What is a soundstage?

In order to get a virtual surround effect, proper placement of all the speakers is essential. Only then you’ll feel the sound coming from all directions. This happens when good surround channels are placed properly. The surround channels of all three soundbars work well to create a proper sound stage.

How to place surround channels?

For proper placement, keep the soundbar below the TV, the subwoofer on either side of the TV (on the ground), and surround channels above ear level in a down-firing position facing toward your ears.

Should you extend the surround channel wire?

No! It will damage the integration of the soundbar to the surround channels. Use the soundbar setup as you get it. Do not try to alter it.

Result of Audio Test 2 – Movies

Sony vs Samsung vs Zebronics

Zebronics 9750:

  • Zebronics 9750 creates a fantastic Dolby atmosphere. You’ll get a cinematic as well as a lively experience. You will feel its fantastic lower bass from ground to heart.
  • You also hear the bass as Zebronics 9750 soundbar gives slightly overpowered bass (both lower and upper bass). You will hear and feel it.
  • There is no lack of clarity. Dialogues are crisp and clear. High notes are wonderfully delivered.
  • Surround sound is made possible due to the perfect integration of surround channels.

Surround channels deliver audio with fewer mids and no bass. They deliver a particular frequency and these surround channels do it well due to proper integration with the soundbar. You’ll get a cinematic experience guaranteed.

Samsung 5.1 soundbar: Samsung Soundbar 5.1 Review

  • Samsung’s 5.1 soundbar gives a fantastic experience. The lower bass is mind-blowing. You’ll feel the thump which is the best thing.
  • You get proper separation, i.e. sound is produced from the exact place. You’ll feel the difference.
  • The depth is wonderful due to the surrounding channels. You get fantastic clarity.
  • Surround channels play precisely those frequencies that they should, which is magical about Samsung 5.1 soundbar.
  • Good surround channels do not play lyrics. Samsung soundbar is amazingly tuned.

Zebronics gives better bass than Samsung. Zenronics is good for bass lovers. Samsung is good for absolute balanced audio lovers. It has all lower bass. You get to hear exactly what the composer has composed.

Sony S40R: Sony Dolby Atmos Soundbar Review

  • Sony S40R gives you the audio signature that Sony is famous for, i.e. high bass. You hear bass as the upper bass is more than the lower bass. Most of the power goes to the upper bass, which disturbs vocals, and as a result, heavy vocals are delivered. Sony S40R is not suitable for movies.
  • You’ll enjoy fight sequences as there is more bass. But the problematic part is dialogues. No matter what you do, you can’t get what Samsung and Zebronics give. Zebronics gives the best of both worlds- Samsung’s clarity and Sony’s bass.
  • Sony’s delivery of mids is poor. You can’t enjoy old Hindi songs or classical songs.
  • Movies can’t be enjoyed with it. You’ll not hear specific notes in the background music of songs or music. It happens with all soundbars with more upper bass, and Sony has a heavy upper bass audio signature.

Connectivity Options:

Their connectivity options are similar. All have 1 HDMI port.

  • Samsung has 1 HDMI IN port, too, but that’s useless as you can’t get 4K HDR passthrough. You can attach a gaming console or set-top box, but you won’t get HDR passthrough. Instead of the soundbar, we recommend you plug in your gaming console or set-top box in the TV.
  • Zebronics HDMI eARC port gives Dolby atmos passthrough (Samsung and Sony don’t).
  • They have Bluetooth. But we advise you to use Bluetooth only for music. Use HDMI ports to connect it to TVs. Otherwise, use the optical connection to get proper audio.

Watch Sony vs Samsung vs Zeb Comparison on Youtube:

Buy Alternative Soundbars:




 1. Zebronics Jukebar 9700 Pro

zebronics jukebar 9700 pro

₹ 15,000

 2. Zebronics Jukebar 9500 Pro

zebronics jukebar 9500 pro

₹ 16,000

3. Zebronics Jukebar 9200 Pro

zebronics jukebar 9200 pro

₹ 13,000

4. JBL Cinema SB271

JBL Cinema SB271

₹ 13,000

5. Samsung HW-B550/XL

samsung HW-B550/XL

₹ 19,770

6. JBL BAR 2.1 Deep Bass

JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass

₹ 26,000



















5 thoughts on “Sony vs Samsung vs Zeb-Choose best 5.1 Home Theater

  1. I’m confused with two samsung soundbar. One is Samsung Soundbar (HW-Q600B/XL) , another is B67E/XL . What should I do, go for a 5.1 system or 3.1.2 system ? Which will be better?

  2. I’m also confused with two samsung soundbar. One is Samsung Soundbar (HW-Q600B/XL) , another is B67E/XL . What should I do, go for a 5.1 system or 3.1.2 system ? Which will be better?

  3. I have a Samsung Neo QLED TV. Does the Samsung B67E – 5.1 Soundbar provide a Q Symphony feature(both TV And Soundbar work simultaneously) with Samsung TV?

    If not, then there is no purpose in buying Samsung. What would be the 2nd choice Sony or Zebronics for the Movie background Sound effect?

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