Sony HT-S40R Review-Best soundbar in India under 30000


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Can a 5.1 channel soundbar give you the proper surround sound? Can a 5.1 channel soundbar give you the most authentic cinematic experience? Well, this is the Sony HT-S40R soundbar that we have been testing for the past 2 weeks. This thorough testing was necessary to discover the minutest details and the best potential of the Sony S40R. This article is all about the Sony HT-S40R review.

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1. Looks and Design: sony ht-s40r soundbar

This soundbar looks like any other Sony soundbar. On the top is ceramic and in front is the metal grill. The same look is carried forward to the subwoofer. On the front of the subwoofer is a piano black finish that gives it a premium look.

2. Details: best soundbar in India under 30000

It has 3 drivers (2 in front & 1 in the center). The Centre driver is important for dialogues. Front channels deliver all the other frequencies. The wired surround channels will be connected to the box which will be wirelessly connected to the soundbar. The soundbar must be connected to the subwoofer as the subwoofer distributes the power in all channels. There is no issue with power distribution.

3. Connectivity options: best 5.1 soundbar in India under 30000

The subwoofer has HDMI ARC (2.0), an Optical port, USB, AUX port, and Bluetooth 5.0.

Speaker Drivers3 Speakers, 2 Surround Speakers, 1 Active Subwoofer
Total OutputTotal 400W
Specs1.5 Inch 2.5Ω Full Range Speakers, 2.5 Inch 2.5Ω Surround Channels, 6 Inch 4Ω Subwoofer, Dolby Digital Support
Weight and Width30 Inch Wide and 2 Kg
PriceINR 29,000
best 5.1 soundbar in india under 30000

4. Audio Formats: Dolby digital soundbar India

Sony S40R supports Dolby Digital & Dolby dual mono but not Atmos. Is this a problem? It is essential to know the placement & setup of this soundbar before buying it. Otherwise, its real potential can’t be experienced. If you sit on a couch or a chair, then the surrounding channels must be placed exactly behind you; one on the right side and the other on the left. Subwoofer & soundbar must be placed in the front of the couch. The soundbar must be on-ear level. The subwoofer can be both on-ear level or on the ground. From the birds-eye view, this should be the exact setup for the 5.1 soundbars.

 This 5.1 effect of Sony can be only understood by an audio test. The audio on Youtube is 90% compressed. To solve this, 5 songs of different genres have been recorded and uploaded on the drive AND THIS IS THE LINK.

5. NOTE: Sony HT-S40R review

Listen to them via earphones or headphones to know how S40R exactly sounds. Burn-in of S40R was done for 10hrs before recording. 4 professional mics were placed in different directions. The audio was then merged and produced as audio tests. It will give you the separate experience of front, center, surround channels, and subwoofer. The surround effect will be audible.

The audio was recorded at 75% with maximum bass. Subwoofer’s max power is bass. 2 things- a movie clip was also recorded to show its performance during a movie. Check the drive links for the 5 songs & a movie clip. Listen to that to check the dialogue delivery of this soundbar. We made this video after testing this soundbar for 60hrs. Use earphones for audio tests.

6. Audio Quality: Sony HT-S40R review | Best Soundbar in India under 30000

It is exactly like the audio quality that Sony gives. However, there is a good chance. Generally, the upper bass is more in Sony but in this soundbar, the upper bass is controlled with the proper use of surround channels. If surround channels are not placed correctly, then this soundbar can’t be enjoyed.

People misunderstand surround channels by believing they produce the same sound as front channels. Surround channels work to deliver low frequencies and then a good virtual sound effect is produced. A soundbar only produces virtual sound & not proper surround sound. But Sony S40R produces good virtual surround sound or 5.1 surround effect. The lower bass performs well.

There are 2 types of bass- lower bass and upper bass. Lower bass is felt and upper bass sounds Boomi.

This soundbar has both basses but the upper bass is controlled which reduces the Boomi sound. The dialogue clarity is excellent if the surrounding channels are placed properly. The dialogue clarity increases in ‘night mode’.

In night mode, the bass from the subwoofer decreases, and more power is given to the center channel. This boosts the mid frequencies. That’s the beauty of this soundbar. This Soundbar produces high frequency and the lower frequency delivered by the surrounding channel also decreases. It is what you need for enjoying late-night movies.

7. Cons: Sony HT-S40R review

Sony S40R lacks HDMI 2.1 eARC port and an HDMI IN port which means no 4K passthrough. Don’t buy it for classical or old Hindi songs. But should you buy this soundbar? Will you get the surround sound? The answer is- absolutely yes. This is one of a beast. It is simply magical. Experience the surround effect from the audio test given above. It is not cinematic, but you will feel sound from all directions. The room will fill with sound. This is what you need. This is virtual surround sound. This is a wonderful soundbar if you don’t keep wrong expectations from it. Don’t expect the surround channels to perform as front channels.

The separation is also audible but it is felt more above 70% volume. In the described setup, the separation will not be felt as much as it will be felt above 70% vol. The surround effect will be more on 75%, 80% or 85% volume which is completely understandable. On this frequency, all 5.1 channel soundbars perform better on volumes above 75%. Keep this in mind.

8. 1 Tip and 1 more Pro: sony ht-s40r soundbar

Use the cinema mode given on the remote to enjoy movies. The cinema mode will help you feel the more surrounding effect. That is what you need.

9. Disclaimer: best soundbar in India under 30000

Nobody brand has sponsored this article and our video. This soundbar was given to us not by Sony, but by you i.e by our audience. When you buy something from our affiliate links, then it helps this channel without changing your price. We gather these bits of help and buy these products to test. We test these products from 20-60 days before we make such reviews. If you like this, then kindly support our channel by buying from our links. Do subscribe to our Youtube channel.



















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