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Obage HT-144 vs FD T200X – is this a good thoughtful comparison? Do you wish to hear every single note of every instrument played in a song or do you want to vibe on songs with the LED light? Well, the choice is all yours but the responsibility to authentically review them is ours.

Obage HT-144 | Obage HT-144 vs FD T200X

This is Obage HT-144. It is as sturdy as solid it appears as 12mm MDF wood has been used which is fantastic as it improves the audio quality. Talking about looks, Subwoofer and air vents are in the front along with a control panel and some connectivity options. In the speaker, channels are 1 speaker and 1 tweeter with amazing built quality. On the back are connectivity options; and bass, treble, and volume controls.

Specs- it has 1 mid-range speaker (4 inches 8 ohms), and 1 paper cone tweeter in every channel (2.5 inches 8 ohms). Their output is 20W per satellite. There is 1 subwoofer 60W of 6.5 inches and 4 ohms. The total output of the system is 100W.

 Obage claims its frequency range is between 40Hz-17KHz. 40Hz- well that means amazing lower bass and we will explain further. Its separation is more than equal to 42dB. Its SNR is 80dB. Obage HT-144 weighs 12Kg (quite heavy) due to 12mm wood. Obage HT-144 has 1 optical port (a welcome surprise because no other Obage model has it), AUX port, USB, SD card slot, and FM. It supports Bluetooth version 5.0.

Output100W RMS
Specs4 Inch 8Ω Mid Range 2 Speakers, 2.5 Inch 8Ω x 2 Paper Cone Tweeters, 20W per Satellite; 6.5 Inch 4Ω 60W Subwoofer, Frequency range: 40Hz – 17kHz; Separation ≥42dB; SNR 80dB
Weight12 Kg
ConnectivityOptical Port, AUX, USB, SD Card, Bluetooth 5.0, FM
Price of Obage HT-144INR 6300

Let’s talk about its accessories. It has the same remote control as all other Obage systems. Sadly there are no batteries. You get gold plated (which is amazing) AUX to AUX cable, AUX to RCA cable, and RCA to RCA cable. The built quality of the remote is average. It is not a fully functional remote control, which is a disappointment. Bass and treble controls are missing.

F&D T200X | Obage HT-144 vs FD T200X

This is an F&D T200X (one of the most famous F&D models). It has 2 speaker channels and 1 subwoofer unit. The subwoofer is made of MDF but not that thick MDF. Speaker channels are made of plastic. Speakers can be mounted in 2 ways- Number 1- Mount them on the base stand and number 2. Join both speakers to give them the shape of a soundbar. They can be wall-mounted in both ways.

On the front are LED lights which look really good. On the back are connectivity options; bass, and treble controls. Let’s talk about its accessories. It has RCA to RCA cable and RCA to AUX cable which is much needed for the AUX port. They are not gold-plated which is a disappointment. There is a remote control but it is not fully functional. Bass and treble controls are missing. But the built quality of the remote is better than the built quality of the remote of Obage. It comes with batteries which are really good.

Output70W RMS
Specs2 Inch x 4 Full Range Speakers 17.5W each Tower; 8 Inch 35W Subwoofer, Frequency range: 30Hz – 20kHz; Separation ≥40dB; SNR 70dB
Weight6.60 Kg
ConnectivityAUX, USB, Bluetooth 4.0
PriceINR 7000

It has 4 full-range speakers of 17.5W output for each tower (2 inches). There is 1 subwoofer of 35W and 2 inches. The total output of the system is 75W. F&D has not declared ohms. The interesting thing is its frequency range which is between 30Hz-20KHz. It claims bass from 30Hz itself. Its separation is more than equal to 40dB. Its SNR is 70dB. It weighs is less due to plastic and a slightly low-quality subwoofer- 6.6Kg. It has 1 AUX, and 1 USB port. It supports Bluetooth version 4.0



Salt is an amazing thing. Its correct proportion enhances the taste whereas incorrect proportions spoil it. The same is with music. Undue change in frequency ends the soul of the song. But which set has done it? First, let’s see what we get in these sets. There are 2 speakers but no tweeter in the F&D tower.

Try to understand this. In F&D’s subwoofer, there is a down-firing 8-inch speaker while the size of its cabinet is too small to accommodate it. Obage’s tower has a speaker and a tweeter and its cabinet are of good size. This is a 6.5-inch subwoofer. F&D has tried to work with speakers instead of providing tweeters. They have tried to deliver high notes through speakers. Remember it is the speakers’ task to deliver mid notes and certain high frequencies. But very high frequencies are to be delivered by tweeters. But F&D has tried to complete this task with the help of speakers.

When we unduly elevate frequencies, then the nearby frequencies get downgraded. Let’s understand this with an example- hold a fabric straight in both hands. Now by elevating mid-frequency, the side frequencies get downgraded. Understand this frequency graph. This happens with F&D in which one high note frequency is elevated. Due to this other frequencies come down. This is why it exhibits artificial treble. While our testing we found that there was extra-ordinary treble in some instruments like flute and it is not natural. Natural treble has been exaggerated which is its main problem. Secondly, its down-firing speaker is not correct.

In down-firing, bass depends upon the surface. Wooden, tiled, and carpet surfaces- all three exhibit completely different types of bass in down-firing speakers. It is a perfect cabinet for a 6 or 6.5-inch subwoofer but not for 8 inches. All the audio tests we did were recorded on 70%-75% volume. Bass and treble have been maximized to give a real performance. F&D starts distorting as it crosses 25 volumes.  

Sound stage- Obage HT-144 vs FD T200X

The V-type audio signature which is called flat audio signature is mainly used in the movie industry. Obage is an absolutely flat audio system. In Obage every song of each genre sounds exactly the same as it is recorded. We were completely stunned to see this system in this price range. To date, we haven’t said that any gadget or electronic is under-prized. This is a record that we are claiming as an under-prized system. This is a marvellous system. Every audio and instrument sounds exactly as it has been played. A kick drum will sound like a kick drum. Every note of the flute will be clearly audible.

For the first time, we can say that there were no cons. Obage has given a 3-meter wire in this particular set. But what is the purpose? According to Obage, its sound stage is quite big. But what is the Sound Stage? Let’s understand it in our comparison of Obage HT-144 vs F&D T200X.

Every speaker has approx 1 to1.5-meter wires. People have always asked me whether they can increase this wire length or not. You can cut and then join another wire to increase its length. But why didn’t the brand provide extra wire length?

“Every brand defends it by saying that the increased length will not connect speaker and wire efficiently. But Obage has claimed that if speakers and subwoofers are provided at an interval of 3 meters each, then a greater sound stage will be provided without interrupting the connection. This is a marvelous thing. A 6-meter wide sound stage will give a theatre-like experience.” This is its capability.


F&D has LED lights which Obage lacks. F&D is made of low MDF wood (10mm). Its speakers are of plastic. Its quality is average. Its pro is that it can be converted into a soundbar after joining the speakers which are very convenient. Its con is that its subwoofer will shake after volume crosses 25% and this indeed is not a pleasing experience. Talking about Obage- 12mm wood has been used which makes it solid and fantastic. Its wall mounting is the same. They are not of good quality. Otherwise, there is no issue with its looks or design.

So who should buy F&D and who should buy Obage | Obage HT-144 vs FD T200X

Buy F&D if you like more treble. Remember, more treble means less bass. The example we gave; elevating one thing results in the downfall of another. An 8-inches subwoofer is used for providing more bass. An 8-inch subwoofer needs more cabinet space to give good performance after 25% volume. Those people should buy Obage who like flat audio systems. This was all about the comparison between Obage HT-144 vs F&D T200X

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DISCLAIMER- Obage HT-144 vs FD T200X

There is a burning period for every new speaker which is around 6-7 hours. The real audio comes after that. The audio tests shown in the video of the comparison between Obage HT-144 vs F&D T200X are recorded after their burning periods. The mic is placed at the same distance, the same mice are used, the volume is 75%, bass and treble are the maximum and the same songs have been played. No partiality is done. Do listen to them without which this review is incomplete.