LGUQ7500 55 inch 4K Smart TV Review: Best TV under 50000


Since the performance of LG UP7500 wasn’t much appreciated by the people, LG brought something new and better for them. The 2022 LGUQ7500 55 inch 4K smart TV review will tell you about the newer and better features of the LP7500 successor.

For example, this new LG 55 inch 4K TV comes with an IPS panel, which is far better than its predecessor. The peak brightness of this TV reaches 400 nits, which is quite surprising. There are many other interesting features of this TV that you will see in the LGUQ7500 55 inch 4K smart TV review below.

This is a TrueView video. TrueView is the term originated in VMone which simply means a True Review, a review that is not sponsored by any brand. Just like you, we spend our hard-earned money to buy these products. Then we test and study the product inside out before reviewing it for you. So let’s go and see what LG has in store for us.

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LG UQ7500 55 Inch TV
LG UQ7500 55 Inch TV

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4.8 out of 5.0 stars


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LGUQ7500 55 inch 4K smart TV review –

1. Looks: LG 7500

The first thing, everyone notices on this LG 55 inch 4K TV is the thick bezels. Since the slim bezel design has become an industry norm today, the thick bezels of this TV seem a little out of the style. Still, the thick bezel style doesn’t that bad. And the TV looks appealing. Overall, this TV has a thick design

2. Remote Control:

You will get an infrared remote control with this TV, which has pretty average looks. The remote has hotkeys for Netflix, Hot star, and Prime Video. LG has not packed its Magic Remote inside the box of this TV. It means that if you want to feel the real magical experience of good remote control, then you will have to buy the Magic remote from the Market.

And trust me, once you get your hands on the Magic remote, you will never touch the normal infrared remote ever again. You can buy the remote from the installation team only. It will cost somewhere between ₹1,300 to ₹1,500. I would recommend you to buy the magic remote, it is definitely worth buying.

3. Body:

Although the body of this TV is quite thick, its overall build quality is satisfactory. The body of this TV is made of plastic. On the back of the TV, there are connectivity ports like HDMI and USB.

This TV wobbles a lot when mounted on its plastic stands. And it is a serious concern because a slight bump on the table might cause the TV to jiggle and sway or even to fall down. So we suggest that you mount this TV on a wall instead of standing it on a table.

4. Connectivity:

You get the physical connectivity ports at the back of the TV. This time, LG has given three HDMI ports on this TV. One port out of these supports eARC, and Auto Low Latency Mode. And there is one USB port on this TV, just like the LP model. The support for Bluetooth 5.0 and Dual Band Wi-Fi is also available on this TV.

lg 55 inch 4k tv
LG UQ7500 TV

5. Operating System:

This TV runs on WebOS, which is the operating system for TVs by LG. WebOS is quite smooth in using. The interface of this operating system is quite good. And you get most of the OTT applications preinstalled on this TV. You will get content suggestions as per your interest and watch history on the home screen.

But there is one big drawback of this OS. The app store on WebOS does not have a rich library of applications to download. This is a very crucial point to keep in mind before making a decision to buy any LG TV.

6. Picture Quality:

Unlike the VA panel in LG LP7500, LG has used an IPS panel in the LG LQ7500. And very unexpectedly, the peak brightness of this TV hits 400 nits, which is very good. LG has worked a lot to reduce the motion blur from the pictures. This kind of performance in a budget TV is remarkable.

The picture quality of this TV is much better than the prior models. Also, this model has a slightly more advanced processor than its predecessors. So the color reproduction and enhancement of the picture are much better than that of the previous models.

The IPS panel also provides great colors and viewing angles. The picture looks almost the same from the side angles without any loss of colors or quality. Great viewing angles are a big plus point of the IPS. So this model is ideal for people who like to watch movies in their comfortable spot in the room.
The biggest con of the IPS panel is that it doesn’t produce deep blacks in the picture. But the black levels of this TV are quite satisfactory. On the other hand, IPS is a great choice if you watch TV in an adequately lit room.

The Filmmaker mode of this TV provides a watch experience that resembles Dolby Vision. It obviously can’t rival the Dolby Vision, but it will give you a great cinematic experience. On top of that, this TV supports HDR10, HDR10 PRO, and HLG. So you’ll get a great natural color profile. The picture upscaling of this TV is flawless.

This TV scored quite well in our dimming and gray uniformity tests. The overall performance of this budget TV is impressive.

7. Audio:

The audio quality of this TV is pretty average. The audio quality of this TV is fit for smaller to medium size rooms. And if you are going to install this TV in a big room, then I suggest you should pair a good soundbar with this TV. With a good soundbar, you will savor a wonderful cinematic experience right at your home.
Also, there is no support for Dolby Atmos on this TV. But you can connect a Dolby Atmos soundbar with this TV via the eARC port.

8. Available Sizes:

This TV is available in three different sizes which are 43 inches, 55 inches, and 65 inches. There is no 50 inch size available for this TV. 43 and 55 inches are great sizes to buy. But I suggest you do not buy the 65 inch size of this TV because you can buy another better TV at the same price.

lguq7500 55 inch 4k smart tv review

Pros & Cons: LGUQ7500 55 inch 4K Smart TV Review


  1. Good quality IPS panel.
  2. The backlight LED generates good quality 400 nits bright light.
  3. Alpha 5 Gen 5 processor provides great colors.


  1. Since this TV uses an IPS panel, you cannot expect deep blacks. This TV is a great performer in a well-lit room.
  2. There is no support for Dolby Vision on this TV.
  3. Motion Blur isn’t up to the mark.
  4. Average audio quality.

Final Word: LGUQ7500 55 inch 4K Smart TV Review

The LGUQ7500 55 inch 4K Smart TV Review above must’ve given you a good idea about this LG 55 inch 4K TV. And this TV stands firm to fight for the title of the best TV under 50000. Since this is a budget TV, the performance it delivers is excellent. And I would say that this is the best 55 inch 4K TV under 50000.

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Below are some common FAQs. You can go through these questions and answers to see what people are asking about this TV.

Will the magic remote come with this TV?

No. The simple infrared remote comes with this TV.

What sizes are available?

You can purchase this TV in 43, 55, and 65 inches.

Which Android version is used on this TV?

This TV actually runs on WebOS, the operating system by LG.

Is it compulsory to buy a soundbar with this TV?

It is suggested to pair a soundbar with LG UQ7500 because the audio quality is not very good.

What is the price of the magic remote?

It would cost you somewhere between ₹1300 to ₹1500.

Is the picture quality good?

Overall, the picture quality of this TV is good. It supports HDR10 PRO and runs on Alpha5 Gen5, So the colors are great too.

Which panel does this TV use?

This TV uses an IPS panel.

What is the warranty period of this TV?

LG provides a comprehensive warranty of one year on the product. But, a good extended warranty is always highly recommended.


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