LG UP7500 4K 43 inch smart tv review 2021


This article is all about LG UP7500 4K 43 inch smart tv review 2021. LG UP7500 or UP7720 are good TVs that you can buy. But the question is- what is it in them that makes them worth your purchase? Why should you buy them and not some other TVs? All these questions will be answered in this article.

INBOX CONTENT- LG UP7500 4K 43 inch smart tv review 2021

This is the LG UP 7500 (43-inch) TV. We highly recommend you call the installation team for the installation of this TV to avoid any sort of voids in the warranty. Along with LG UP 7500 43 INCH TV, you get some documentation and wire-management clips. The installation team provides wall mounting and brackets. You also get a basic infrared remote with all these hotkeys- Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, and Movies. Sadly, the Voice command button is missing. This remote control is not a smart remote. But you can always compensate for it by buying an LG-compatible magic remote from the installation team worth ₹900 (inclusive of all taxes). It has all the same hotkeys with dedicated keys for Alexa and Google Assistant. Magic remote works this way- the cursor rotates as per the movement of your hand. Once you start using the magic remote, then there is no going back.

DESIGN OF THE TV- LG UP7500 4K 43 inch smart tv review 2021

Let’s talk about the design of the LG UP 7500 43 INCH TV – it has a medium bezel design. It is different from recent trends and has slightly thick bezels. They don’t look bad but they definitely aren’t thin bezels. Both the TV and the stand are made of plastic. The built quality of the stand is good as well as solid. The LG branding and a physical button for each- switch on/off, volume +/- and input selection are the center of the down bezel. The backside is thick as it is a DLED panel.

CONNECTIVITY OPTIONS- LG UP7500 4K 43 inch smart tv review 2021

LG UP 7500 43-INCH TV comes with two HDMI ports (1eARC), only 1 USB port, 1 audio/video port, 1 optical audio port, LAN port, 2 way Bluetooth 5.0, and dual-band wifi connectivity options. It has an 8 Bit FRC IPS DLED panel in 43″, 55″, and 65-inch size whereas in the 50-inch size you get a VA panel. We have bought a 43- inch IPS panel TV for this review. No matter what LG says, but its HDR brightness as per our Luminous meter was recorded as 330 Lux which is 330 nits. LG UP 7500 43-INCH TV comes with HDR and HLG support.

SWITCHING ON LG UP 7500 43-INCH TV- LG UP7500 4K 43 inch smart tv review 2021

This TV comes with Web OS 6.0 version which is the latest version. You get an update immediately after turning it on, and we highly recommend you update it. Its look is just like Google OS. Suggested content appears on the entire screen. Many OTT apps are pre-downloaded and more can be downloaded from given options. It has Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and Zee 5 on the main panel. There are a few more options. External Apks cannot be downloaded. LG has given ThinQ AI assistant, Alexa, and Google Assistant support.

TESTING- Best 43 inch 4k tv in India 2021 under 40000

After we tested ThinQ AI Assistant we analyzed that its performance was average. We got 6 correct responses out of 10 questions. We highly prefer using LG UP 7500 TV with Alexa and Google Assistant. Both Android and Apple phones can be cast as it has Apple Airplay 2 support. While our testing we cast our iPad and turns out; it was good.

Some serious level testing- LG UP7500 4K 43 inch smart tv review 2021- Best 43 inch 4k tv in India 2021 under 40000

First, we conducted a Dimming test, and LG UP 7500 43-inch TV performed well in the dimming test.

 The stress test is highly significant because this panel has no dimming option. Despite no dimming options, we were surprised as LG UP 7500 produced good blacks with minimal blooming. This is an IPS panel TV and not VA panel TV. Despite that, the blacks are really good.

The Grey uniformity test– We tested it in 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% grey screen and its performance was commendable.

The viewing angles test- We conducted the viewing angles test by rotating our camera on various viewing angles. We also tested its colours and brightness from the extreme sides. And we concluded that the colour and brightness loss was negligible as it is an IPS panel. Hence you get amazing viewing angles.

TESTING THE OTT apps- first, we tested Amazon Prime and it works just like it works in Firestick, absolutely lag-free. There was no lag in Netflix videos too. 4k videos are of very good picture quality. For movies, there is a feature called- the Filmmaker mode. The colours on this mode are warm and brightness is slightly low. It is a good mode for movies.

The Upscaling capabilities test- SD channels were average. The clarity of HD channels is fantastic on this TV. We played the videos of different resolutions through our drive and turns out its upscaling is perfect.

The un-discussed things- Best 43 inch 4k tv in India 2021- LG UP 7500

Let’s discuss things we haven’t talked about till now. This TV comes with HDR and HLG support but not Dolby Vision Support. There is (ALLM) auto low latency mode in Gaming mode which decreases latency (lags) while console gaming. LG has used its own CPU and GPU. It has 1.5 GB RAM and 8GB storage. But unfortunately, we couldn’t test its usable storage.

PROS AND CONS- LG UP7500 4K 43 inch smart tv review 2021

First pros- LG UP7500 4K 43 inch smart tv review 2021

this is a good IPS panel TV except for 50 inch which is a VA panel. This panel produces good colours. We were satisfied with the grey uniformity test. Its colours are good and have a natural profile. Its blacks are good but not as good as of VA panel. We were significantly impressed with the stress test. This panel produced good blacks and colours in the stress test despite no dimming options which is amazing. Its performance is better than the previous models- LG UM7290 & UN7300. You don’t get a magic remote which is a con. But we recommend you buy it from LG as it is an altogether different experience.

CONS- LG UP7500 4K 43 inch smart tv review 2021

Let’s talk about cons- Its bezels are thick as compared to other TVs. There are 2 major differences between 7720 and LG UP 7500. LG UP 7720 comes with a thin-bezel design and a magic remote. But remember- you can buy it for ₹900.

Do compare its cost plus ₹900 with the cost of 7720. Its second and biggest con is that there are fewer connectivity ports. There are only 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port which is a big disappointment. If you can ignore it then you must consider it as this TV has good colour reproduction. The third con is the lack of dimming options. If there was a dimming option, then the blacks would have been better. Last but not the least, it lacks Dolby Vision support and this could be a deal-breaker for you if it is important. According to LG, its filmmaker mode acts like Dolby Vision but this is just a gimmick. Filmmaker mode is good but Dolby Vision is just on another level. If you watch Dolby atmos, then it is important. Otherwise, it is not. Its HDR performance is amazing. Maximum content comes in HDR and HDR10 which exhibits on this TV fantastically. This was all about LG UP7500 4K 43-inch smart tv review 2021.

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