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With the rise in the summer heat, the demand for AC has risen. No cooler can give cool air in high temperatures such as 48°C-49°C. In fact, due to the excessive heat, you will sweat sitting under the fan and you would not want to switch off the AC even for 10 min. In such scenarios what you will need is a good energy-efficient AC that provides you with good cooling.  

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“This is a unique review as it is not a sponsored review. We have bought this latest Carrier AC and after installing it, we tested it thoroughly to make such an in-depth and honest review. We don’t merely read specifications and describe. Rather, we make strenuous efforts to test the products in the right manner.”

AC Buying Guide – Best Split AC 1.5 Ton in India 2022

1. Size of the room:

  • For 110 sq ft rooms, 1 ton AC is apt.
  • For 110-185 sq ft rooms, 1.5 ton AC is best.
  • 2-ton AC is best for rooms above 185 sq ft.

These figures change in case of direct sunlight or air leakage in the room.

2. Noise Levels:

As per BIS 1391 Part II, the maximum noise levels of indoor units of an AC should be 62dB.

3. Special Coating:

The special coating on condensers and fins is important for people who live in coastal areas or near drains. Otherwise, also, it is good as it makes your AC more durable.

4. PCB Warranty:

If you want to buy Inverter AC, then make sure to check the PCB warranty. If the control PCB is damaged, then its replacement cost is around Rs 15,000 (even if it is in warranty). Make sure you check the PCB warranty.

5. Extended Warranty:

Not buying an extended warranty is wrong. Protect your AC from day one with an extended warranty.  We personally recommend Go Warranty. Buy it from anywhere but do protect your AC from the very first day.

6. Installation Kit:

The installation kits are not helpful as they have only 3-meter copper pipes. Generally, 5-10 meter copper pipes are required. You need to pay for them to the installation team. Installation charges also apply which are approx Rs 1000-1500. This totals Rs 3,000-4000.

7. Special Stabilizers:

A special stabilizer is mandatory even with ACs with stabilizer-free operations.

Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Hybrid Jet 6-In-1

This is Carrier 1.5-ton Flexi Cool Hybrid Jet 6-in-1 AC, the best Split AC 1.5 ton in India 2022. It has 5214W or approx 1.5 ton (precisely 1.48 ton) cooling capacity and R32 gas which ensures the essence of perfect cooling in your room. This 5-star AC has a 4.63 ISEER rating. As per the star label, it consumes 871 units of electricity per year. This low power consumption of Carrier 1.5-ton Hybridjet AC makes it an energy-efficient AC.

The best thing about Carrier 1.5 ton 5-star Hybridjet Inverter AC is its Variable Speed Compressor which gives Flexi cool hybrid jet technology. It will further give 6-in-1 cooling modes. This latest Carrier AC can be operated between 0.8 ton to 1.7-ton capacities. 0.8 tons is the lowest capacity and 1.7 tons is the maximum capacity of this AC that gives perfect cooling.

Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Hybrid Jet 6-In-1
Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Hybrid Jet 6-In-1

Cooling capacity5214W OR 1.48 Ton
ISEER4.63 and 871 Units
SpecificationsVariable speed compressor with 6-in-1 Flexicool Hybridjet Technology; 0.8T, 1.0T, 1.25T, 1.5T, 1.6T, 1.7T; 100% High Grooved Copper Condenser; Aqua Clear Coating on Condenser Coils; Hydro Blue Fin Coating; HD Filter with Antiviral guard; Auto Clean Technology; Smart Connect + Carrier Wi-Fi App; Smart Energy Display; High Ambient Cooling at 55°C
Noise levels 38dB
ServiceGood; 3 Services Free in 1 Year
Warranty1 Year On Product And 10 Years On Compressor
PriceRs 48,000
Carrier AC – Best 1.5 ton split AC under 50000

Features & Specifications: Best AC in India 2022

1. Remote Control- Best Split AC 1.5 ton in India 2022

Its remote control also offers the same 6-in-1 modes with control of FC1 to FC5 (FC- Flexi Cool). The 6th mode is the insta cool mode given towards the top.

2. Insta Cool Mode- Best 1.5 ton 5-star inverter AC in India

On Insta cool mode, the AC operates on maximum capacity with 60RMP motor speed. It gives good cooling with faster air and hence quick cooling. Insta cool is not usable during monsoons. In monsoons, the AC is often operated on lower capacities with 6-in-1 modes.

3. The chemical Coating- Best Split AC 1.5 ton in India 2022

It comes with a 100% copper condenser and grooved pipes copper. The Aqua clear coating is a chemical coating to prevent it from sediment and salt. This increases its life by making it more durable. Hydro Blue coating is done on fins to prevent them from sediment and salt. Carrier has made it the perfect AC for all areas.

4. Air Filters-Best Split AC 1.5 ton in India 2022

Air Filter is another important aspect. It has an HD filter with Antiviral Guard. As per Carrier, it will eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria. We tested its auto clean technology and it is fantastic. The AC automatically cleans the filter after it is turned off. It dries off the leftover vapors so that it is well prepared before the next use.

5. Smart Features- Best 1.5 ton 5 star inverter AC in India

It can be connected via the Carrier app to give commands through Google or Alexa. A smart energy display allows you to see AC’s real-time power consumption when it is in use. No other brands offer it. It is Carrier’s first model with this feature which makes it super-cool.

Its average noise levels are 38dB.

6. Services- Best Split AC 1.5 ton in India 2022

Our review of their service after calling from different locations with different problems is ‘Amazing’. We always check the customer care services of all our recommended products and we did this with Carrier AC also. Carrier gives 3 free services in a year. Carrier’s services are widely available. They are available at almost all pin codes in India.

7. Warranty- Best Split AC 1.5 ton in India 2022

Carrier gives 1 year comprehensive and 10 years warranty on inverter compressor. But didn’t we tell you to buy an inverter AC with a good PCB warranty? Well, the good news is that Carrier offers 4 years additional comprehensive warranty for Rs 299. By paying installation charges and Rs 300 extra, you get 4 years additional comprehensive warranty. It includes PCB, gas charging, and even parts replacement. This is a good package for inverter AC. It costs Rs 48,000.

8. Pros & Cons- Best AC in India 2022


  • It is an amazing AC with many features.
  • It has many features and cooling modes.
  • It performs between 0.8 ton- 1.7 Ton in 6-in-1 modes and this is awesome. There is no issue with its cooling.
  • Its power consumption is quite low.
  • The smart energy display is one of the best features that Carrier has given to its customers. No other brand offers such a feature that displays real-time power consumption.


  • On insta cool mode i.e 1.7 ton, the blower gives an extra 60 RPM speed. Due to this noise levels rise to 44dB which is more than the average 38dB. It is obvious with 680cmm air flow and more 60 RPM blower speed. However, it is ignorable.



















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