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We don’t recommend the 10 out of 15 soundbars between ₹10k-15k as the soundbar we will tell about in this article has a way better audio signature than them. If you are eager to buy the Best soundbar in India under 5000-10000, then you must read this article thoroughly. After that, we guarantee you will be able to buy the best soundbar for your needs.

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Here are some essential points to know before you buy a soundbar-

1. The types of soundbars as per the needs:

A budget soundbar is sufficient for enhancing the volume of the TV instead of a costly soundbar. A 2.1 system is the best to listen to music. For a home theatre experience, a good 5.1 soundbar or 5.1 home theatre system is a must. A budget soundbar can’t give a cinematic experience.

2. Identify your needs:

More wattage doesn’t define a better audio signature. The total wattage isn’t the criterion to decide that. A less-wattage system can sound good, whereas a high-wattage soundbar can sound poor. It all depends upon the audio signature you prefer, the acoustics of your room & power delivery. Understand this to buy the best soundbar.

3. Find out if Extra-subwoofer = More Bass:

You can’t add an extra subwoofer to increase the bass. Instead, buy a soundbar with a heavy bass signature and not balanced audio. After this, an extra subwoofer is not required.

4. Connectivity options:

Before buying, do match the connectivity options of the TV with the soundbar. People often regret it later due to the lack of some essential ports. Think before you buy.

5. Virtual Surround Sound experience:

A soundbar gives a ‘virtual’ surround sound experience. You will only feel the surround sound a bit. Only a 5.1 channel home theatre can provide exact surround sound. Don’t expect this from 2.1 soundbars. The soundbar can increase volume, but for surround sound, many speakers are required with proper placement. Don’t fall for the brand’s marketing.

6. Authentic Audio Tests:

The audio tests on Youtube are 90% compressed. To solve this, we have uploaded 4 different songs of different genres in our drive, whose link is in the description of our video on Youtube. Listen to them to know why we recommend this soundbar. The same audio tests of the same 4 songs have been recorded. A movie sequence from every soundbar is also recorded to give you audio output experience Output the movie.

7. Position of Microphones while testing:

We kept two microphones in a particular position to record both movies and music to get stereo output. Outputic was held at the same distance. The audio was recorded at 75% volume with full bass & treble to record clear audio. After this, you will be able to buy the best soundbar. 

8. A Subwoofer:

In the Under ₹5k category, you don’t get a subwoofer or soundbar. You get solo soundbars. No matter how hard you try, you won’t get the same bass as the subwoofer.

1. Mulo Arena 5000 – Best soundbar under 5000

Among so many contenders, the winner under the INR 5000 category is Mulo Arena 5000 – best soundbar under 5000, which has both a soundbar & subwoofer. It has two speakers (10W each) & a 25W subwoofer. It has fantastic audio quality. However, we don’t recommend this soundbar today as its manufacturing has stopped, and it is not available on Amazon. The company doesn’t have the stock. Instead, we recommend this Soundbar- Obage DT-21.

There are two speakers with two subwoofers. Each column has a 25W output. It has 2×3 inch full-range speaker drivers and 2×4 inch subwoofers. They perform well due to 80dB SNR. The frequency response is between 50Hz-15KHz. Everyone expects good audio quality from their soundbar, so we recommend this system.

This is the most balanced audio quality in the speaker set. With excellent lower bass, the upper bass is controlled. Two types of bass are lower and upper bass. Lower bass is felt, and it doesn’t have distortion. The upper bass is more ‘Booming’, which creates problems listening to vocals. This is good in Obage DT-21. Its lower bass is good, whereas the upper bass is controlled. No compromise is made, and the mid-frequency and high-frequency (treble) are tuned perfectly. This speaker setup makes a V-shape audio signature that is required for both movies and music.


There is neither HDMI nor an Optical port. This shouldn’t be a con, though as this system is priced under ₹5k.

It costs ₹4K, but its audio quality is the best amongst other soundbar and 2.1 systems. Your target is to enjoy audio, watch movies and listen to music; we think this system will rock.

2. Boat Aavante 1500 or 1550- Best soundbar in India under 5000-10000

The best soundbar between ₹6K-₹7K is Boat Aavante 1500 or 1550. These are the same soundbars. One is available on Flipkart & the other on Amazon. They are ditto the same. Buy the cheaper one and buy it whenever you get it.

It is a 2.1 soundbar with four speaker drivers & 1 subwoofer. The total output OutputW. The subwoofer is wired & created no problem in integration. The soundbar has a 2.25-inch speaker driver & a 6.5-inch subwoofer. The SNR is 72dB. It is 32 inches wide. It has HDMI, AUX, optical, USB, and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity options. It sounds amazing.

This has a fantastic heavy bass audio signature. It has heavy bass (lower & upper bass) so you can feel the bass and Boomi. You will feel the ground shaking. This is what you need. Boat knows this & that is why they’ve given such an audio signature. No compromise is made in highs. Highs are perfectly tuned.


If you watch a movie late at night, there’ll be more Booming at low volume as upper bass is also increased. Otherwise, it is good.

It sounds amazing. Right now, it costs around ₹8K, but its right price is ₹6500. If you get it around this price, this is one of the best soundbars at this price.

3. Boat 2000 or 2050- Best soundbar in India under 5000-10000

The best soundbar between ₹7K-₹9K is Boat 2000 or Boat 2050. They are the same. One is available on Flipkart & the other is on Amazon. Their specs and output are Output the same. Buy whichever you get at a lower price.

Their audio quality is fantastic. They have 80W speakers & an 80W subwoofer. The total output OutputW. It has a 2.25-inch speaker driver & a 6.5-inch subwoofer. The SNR is 72dB. It has HDMI, optical, AUX, USB, and Bluetooth 5.0 support. It is 38 inches wide.

The audio quality is different from that of Boat 1500. There is a slight difference, but that small difference makes much difference. This audio quality has heavy bass, and good mids and highs are amazingly produced.

It is because in 2050, the upper bass is reduced than in 1500 or 1550. Thus the lower bass is overpowered which produces impressive bass. This doesn’t create problems in both male and female vocals. You will see the difference in movie clips. This is the beauty of this soundbar. Another pro is its wireless subwoofer which means no wiring at all.

Right now, it costs ₹9K. Its correct price is ₹7500. If you get it at this price, then go for it.

4. Zebronics 9000 and 9001- Best soundbar under 10000

Boat, Motorola, Samsung & Zebronics are the contenders under ₹10K soundbars, and according to us, the best soundbar is Zebronics 9000 or 9001. They are the same soundbars, and only their design is different. Buy the one you get at a lower price. It has speakers & tweeters of 60W. The subwoofer is 60W too. The total output OutputW. We have rated Boat 2000 & 2050 below Zebronics 9000 & 9001.

It has 2.75-inch speaker drivers, a 1-inch 8 ohms tweeter & a 6.5-inch subwoofer. The SNR is 72dB. It supports Dolby Audio.

It has HDMI, optical, AUX, USB & Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity options. It is 32 inches wide. We don’t give weightage to Dolby Audio in this price segment to keep the competition fair. Its fantastic audio quality is because of the tweeters. The two tweeters of 1 inch improve the audio quality. These tweeters produce high notes better than speakers. It is the work of tweeters to make high notes. Tweeters work on high-range frequencies. Subwoofers work on low frequencies. Speakers do all sorts of work-high, mid and low notes. In the systems without tweeters, the speakers work as tweeters. Whereas here, you get speakers, tweeters, and a subwoofer too.

This 120W soundbar is very clear. Audio signature- lower bass is increased. There is a sharp cut in high bass to control it. Mid notes are balanced. There is a beautiful spike in high notes due to tweeters. We guarantee no other soundbar under ₹10K gives such clarity. Another plus point- you will get some experience with virtual surround sound due to upward-firing speakers. The audio produced reaches your ears after touching the roof thereby creating the virtual effect. This is the beauty of it.

This is why we kept it above 160W Boat 2000 ₹ 2050. It costs ₹10500. The price never changes due to high demand. Buy, if you get it. This is the best with a TV with an HDMI ARC port.



















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